Hi, my name is Matthieu Hoarau. I'm a french photographer originally from Reunion Island. I'm currently based in Paris. 
I discovered photography in 2008 when I was studying fine art at L'école supérieure des beaux-arts de la Réunion. It started out with workshops and artistic projects that we had to create. I really liked the creativity that this medium had to offer. Eventually I made my whole final year's project only in photography and video. 
In 2010, after I graduated I decided to take a gap year and move to South Africa to learn English. In 2011 I moved to Paris to study at a photography school: EFET. This is where I really learned all the basis I needed to have a solid ground and evolve. I specialized in portrait and fashion. I find inspiration when I have a living subject in front of me.
When I graduated in 2013 I started to work as an assistant in a small studio in Paris. Then I worked in a small company doing patrimonial photography and reprography. On the side I was developing my skills by doing test shootings for a couple model agencies. Through the years my photography evolved, I was learning, improving. In In 2017 I made the decision of quitting my job and become a full time independent photographer.
Since that day I worked on a lot of different things. Mainly portrait and fashion photography, but also culinary, architecture, corporate, packshot, and reporting. 
Today I'm mainly working with communication agencies, model agencies and a few artists (singers and actors).

Samsung, Virgin Radio, Manu Payet, CBo territoria, Gruppo San Donato, Prolab academy, Ginette NY, Canal+, Schär, Fuji Polaroid, Juno, The house of Oud, Mandarina Duck, Schön magazine, Blanc magazine, Factice magazine, Modzik magazine etc.

email: contact@matthieuhoarau.com
Phone: +33605045447
Siret: 79512262100027
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